My name is Sarah Liu. I have been working as an editor since 2012. At the time, I was a certified pharmacy technician, having been in the business for 16 years. But I have always been a word nerd. I was doing editing projects on the side, and finding them more fulfilling than my day job. In 2014, I returned to school to complete both my BA and my MA in English at The College at Brockport, State University of New York. During this time, I was named the English Department Graduate Scholar and held a graduate assistantship. The assistantship entailed writing tutoring–helping students with their papers and other assignments. I worked extensively with ESL and international students. For editing projects, I’ve worked on everything from food blogs to dissertations to medical documents to novels. As far as writing goes, I am primarily a poet, but also write fiction myself. I’m currently working on a post-apocalyptic dystopian novel centered around the Great Lakes.