Want a workshop-style critique of your poem or short story? While completing my MA in Creative Writing, I found that the most valuable resource was the thoughtful critiques I received, both from other students and my professors. Workshops are unique in that you have readers who are as dedicated to the craft as you are and who wish to see you succeed.

There are other places to get such readers. Online forums and communities are sometimes great places to find your tribe. But they can be overwhelming. I have found it hard to find the same kind of critique in other settings because people simply don’t want to take the time to spend on your piece. Time is valuable.

I have extensive experience critiquing poetry and short stories, both in grad school workshop settings and as a moderator for several online forums.

This is not traditional editing. I may point out mechanical problems and errors, but the bulk of these critiques will be about how the piece makes me feel, what works and what doesn’t, what other pieces it calls to mind, what a particular line/phrase is doing, poetic devices, suggestions for additional exploration, etc.


Rates are subject to change, and are as follows:

$10 for a poem of 30 lines or less
$15 for a poem of 31-100 lines
$5 for each additional 100 lines

$15 for prose up to 2000 words
$25 for prose 2001-5000 words

For pieces over 5000 words, refer to editing rates.

For more information, email me: sarah.grace@threefatesediting.com.