The first step of pricing is working with a sample of your manuscript. Every project will receive an individualized quote after we have a conversation about your editing needs and after I work with your sample.

With that being said, my rates usually fall in these ranges:

Manuscript Evaluations/Critiques: $200 for up to 100k words/$100 for every additional 100k words

Developmental Editing: $0.04-0.08/word

Line Editing: $0.02-0.04/word

Copy Editing: $0.008-0.02/word

do work out payment plans, and I do occasionally offer discounts in exchange for services, such as graphic design services, beta reading, marketing, etc. If you have a suggested trade, please email me at for consideration.

I also occasionally work with indie authors at a heavily discounted rate in exchange for a percentage of ongoing royalties. I will not usually make this arrangement with first-time clients. This arrangement depends on the quality of your manuscript. I must love it. I must think it will succeed.