Before giving you a specific project quote, I require a sample of your manuscript. I highly recommend that you request a sample edit along with that, so that you can see what you’re getting for the price and whether or not you think our styles mesh.

With that being said, as noted on the services page, my rates usually fall within these ranges:

  • Manuscript Evaluations/Critiques: $200 for up to 100k words/$100 for every additional 100k words
  • Developmental Editing: $0.04-0.08/word
  • Line Editing: $0.015-0.04/word
  • Copy Editing: $0.01-0.02/word


But that’s too much!/ I’m a student. I’m not a professional yet. / I don’t have that kind of money!


These rates are calculated using industry standard hourly wages for editorial work. However, believe me, I understand, and I’ve been there.

do work out payment plans, and I do occasionally offer discounts in exchange for:

  • Services, such as graphic design services, beta reading, marketing, etc.
  • Referrals to my editing services: How many referrals? How often?
  • A royalty agreement (typically anywhere from 5-15% of ongoing royalties). I will not usually make this arrangement with first-time clients. This arrangement depends on the quality of your manuscript. I must love it. I must think it will succeed.
  • Back-burner status, i.e. I keep on working on your project as time allows, keeping you updated during the process. When full-paying customers come in, their projects take priority.

If you have any other creative suggestions for discounts, please email me at for consideration. It can’t hurt to ask.

I also occasionally work with indie authors at a heavily discounted rate in exchange for a percentage of ongoing royalties.


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