The one thing I haven’t done throughout the years is to ask clients for final feedback, a mistake I am now rectifying. As I move forward, this testimonial page will hopefully fill up!


“Sarah is an amazing editor. She not only sees the pattern of your structure and where it’s gone haywire but also drills down your manuscript to minute detail and leave no word upturned (yes, it’s a thing). And she’s wicked fast.” – Ksenia Anske, author of Irkadura, Rosehead, Siren Suicides, and The Badlings (service performed: substantive editing)

“Sarah Liu is one of those rare, intelligent editors that can not only find errors, but knows when those errors are intentional and when they actually aid in telling a good story.  I highly recommend her honest feedback and constructive criticism, which has helped me shape many of my stories into something much better than they were before.” – Sara King, author of the Legend of Zero and the Outer Bounds series (service performed: substantive editing)

“Sarah recently ‘light edited’ a 90,000 word novel for me. On the base work I’d asked for, Sarah found erroneous punctuation, omitted words, and overly complex sentences which I (numerous times) and two beta-readers had missed. But beyond that, she cared about, noted, and suggested insightful cures for mistakes not normally encompassed by light editing. She has an unbelievable ability to remember small facts and passages, and then spot inconsistencies, even if much later in the text.  Examples:  I used different first names for two incidental characters who appeared at opposite ends of the story. She caught it…When I crossed up speakers in dialogue, she pointed out who should have said what, when…Maybe almost as importantly, she’s easy to work with. I live in Texas, she in New York…but we might as well have been in adjacent cubicles given how well and quickly we understood and responded to each other. In summary, Sarah Liu is a talented and caring editor whom I can’t recommend highly enough. Hire her!” – Daryle McGinnis (service performed: copy editing)

“Sarah helps me hone my voice with line-by-line editing and close attention to detail. Sometimes my writing can lack sophistication, but Sarah helps me add the next level of complication to my writing. Not only is she well-read and up to date on current writing trends but she is also quick to embrace my quirkiness and originality and show me how to expand on those aspects of my writing. Sarah is a true writer’s editor. She won’t let you settle your writing into formula.” – Cherise Oakley, owner of Orleans County Cuisine, and MA Candidate at The College at Brockport (service performed: line editing)

“My experience with Three Fates Editing was nothing but positive. I needed fresh eyes on a project I’ve been on for a long time, and she gave me great feedback regarding plot and characters she felt were somewhat lacking. We were able to talk about a few ideas and make a plan for some edits in the future. I will definitely use these services again!” – Krystal Darrin, (service performed: manuscript critique)