I have been offering beta reading services under the radar for a couple of years now, taking on only previous clients or authors who are known to me. I am now opening up these services to general inquiries.

My beta reading rate is $0.0025 per word. That works out to $250 for 100,000 words.

Why paid beta reading?

I know you can get beta readers for free. I encourage you to.

But if you have been frustrated with a lack of response or the quality of the feedback, you might want to consider paid beta readers.

Paying for beta reading ensures that you will get a timely response. It also allows publishing professionals like myself to allot time for beta reading which would otherwise be scheduled for editing work.

What does my beta reading service entail?

I will read your entire manuscript and provide you with a beta feedback report of 2-3 pages detailing my reaction to your book’s world-building, characters, dialogue, plot, and other key elements. I will note which parts drew me in and where I was pulled out of the story. If you have any specific beta reader questions, I will endeavor to answer those, so long as they don’t end up crossing over into editorial work.

If you are looking for more in-depth structural feedback or writing help, consider one of my editing packages instead.

Beta reading does NOT include any tracked changes or comments in the document file itself.

If you are interested, contact me to get a specific quote.