At Three Fates Editing, my philosophy is that the best editor is first and foremost a fan. Author/editor relationships are built on a mutual love of language and of the story. If we don’t have similar visions, I can’t be of any help to you. Because of that, I work on a submission basis. I must love your story. Trust me.

What am I looking for? Strong characters, intelligent plot turns, and beautiful language.

Even as a fan, because the story is the number one priority, my edits and comments sometimes may come across as harsh. Some authors appreciate that, and some need softer edges. Because of that, if I am interested in your work, I always offer sample edits. You and I need to simultaneously gauge each other before committing to anything.

Oh, and why “Three Fates”? The Greek Fates were responsible for spinning, measuring, and cutting life-threads. They ordered our days. The skill with which the Greek Fates carried out these tasks parallels the way an editor works. Editors, like the Fates, must balance the deft precision required for minute details with the ability to see the beauty in the bigger picture. Even the tiniest of changes can have rippling effects throughout a manuscript. It’s also a name that reflects my leanings. I’m a sucker for mythology, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian—anything of a speculative bent.

So, have a look around. Feel free to ask questions, email me, message me on Facebook, or find me on Twitter. Each project I begin starts with a conversation.