My name is Sarah Liu, and I am the owner of Three Fates Editing. I live near Rochester, NY, with my husband, daughter, and three cats. I’m a writer and poet and a lifelong lover of books.

In 2012, I was working as a pharmacy technician when one of my favorite authors, Sara King, offered me the chance of a lifetime. I followed her on all of her social media, and when she posted that she was losing her editor, I asked her to consider me, even though I had no qualifications. She sent me, along with many other potential editors, a sample chapter to edit. She chose me, a newbie, out of all the rest.

Through the income from her projects and new projects I was taking on, I was able to return to school in 2014 to complete my bachelor’s (I had dropped out in 2003 due to medical reasons) and continue on for my master’s.

In grad school, I held a highly competitive graduate assistantship and was named the English Department Graduate Scholar. I received several awards for my writing, including the William and Hannelore Heyen Poetry Award, and the Maggie Fox Poetry Award. In May of 2017, I earned my MA in Creative Writing.

My passions are poetry and speculative fiction of any sort. I now get to work full-time editing the kind of books that I love. I work with wonderful clients such as The Wild Rose Press, Pikko’s House, and Relay Publishing, as well as self-publishing authors. I have professional memberships in ACES, the Editorial Freelancers Association, and the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals. I am also the co-founder of SFF Reviews.