My name is Sarah Liu, and I am the owner of Three Fates Editing. I live near Rochester, NY, with my husband and three cats. I’m a writer and poet. In 2003, I was in my senior year at Roberts Wesleyan College in the Communication program when I had to drop out of school due to medical reasons.

I continued work as a pharmacy technician, which I had done since I was 15. In total, I worked as a pharmacy technician for 20 years. The last pharmacy I worked at was a long-term care pharmacy, where I was responsible for an account that included over 30 group homes. I was responsible for processing each of their prescriptions, insurance billing and adjudication, and coordinating deliveries.  I was the contact point for their nursing teams. However, the part of the job that made me wish I had finished my degree was maintaining their medical documents: Medication Administration Records, Treatment Sheets, and Physician Orders. Even these dull documents seemed interesting to me as I worked to improve them for clarity and readability.

All the while, I was always taking time for my own reading and for discovering new books that I loved. In 2012 I began my freelance editing career on the side through an indie author who gave me a chance. She sent me, along with many other potential editors, a sample chapter to edit. She chose me, a newbie, out of all of the rest. Through the income from her projects and new projects I was taking on, I was able to return to school in 2014, transferring to SUNY: The College at Brockport. I finished my bachelor’s and went on for my master’s.

In grad school, I held a highly competitive graduate assistantship, which offered full tuition in exchange for working as a writing tutor. I was also named the English Department Graduate Scholar. I received several awards for my writing, including the William and Hannelore Heyen Poetry Award, and the Maggie Fox Poetry Award. In May of 2017, I earned my MA in Creative Writing. The Writing Center at SUNY Brockport offered me a one-year Professional Tutor position, so I still work as a writing tutor part-time, but I have been focused on turning my editing career into a full-time passion. In May of 2018, Three Fates Editing will be my only job. My end goal is to turn Three Fates Editing into Three Fates Publishing and to add other literary creatives, such as cover designers and book formatters, to the staff.  As far as editing experience, I’ve worked on everything from food blogs to dissertations to medical documents to novels. My passion, however, is speculative fiction of any sort.