I offer four levels of editorial services, listed below:

  • Manuscript Evaluations/Critiques: Is your manuscript ready for the next step? In a manuscript evaluation, I will read your entire manuscript and provide feedback in the form of a letter. You will receive a 5-10 page, single-spaced letter detailing where the story shines and where it falls flat. In the critique, I will address both large issues of plot and continuity and smaller things like language tics and word choice. I will offer suggestions for the appropriate next steps for your manuscript. Manuscript evaluations start at $400 for the first 100k words.
  • Developmental Editing: This is the big picture stuff. Developmental editing typically takes several drafts and many months to complete. This is where we nail down things like narrative voice, point of view, structure, character arcs, major plot holes, tension, and climax. You will receive an editorial letter detailing all of these issues and more, in addition to markup and comments on your manuscript file. Developmental editing starts at 2 cents per word.
  • Line Editing: I consider line editing to be the heart of editing. It is concerned with both grammar and style. During line editing, I will work directly with your document, making changes and suggestions on the file itself. I will edit for grammar, clarity, word choice, consistency, tone, and syntax. I will ensure your dialogue sounds natural and not stilted. I will pay attention to pacing, plot consistency, point of view, psychic distance, and character arcs and may make notes on them; however, in line editing, these are not addressed at the macro level. Because of the magnitude of line editing, it is important that you contact me for a sample edit first. This is the level of editing which has the most potential to affect an author’s voice, and the last thing you want is an editor who cannot hear yours. I accept line editing projects on a submission basis. In other words, I may reject your manuscript if I feel that it is not ready for line editing, or if I feel that our styles would not mesh. Line editing starts at 1.5 cents per word.
  • Copy Editing: Copy editing should be your final step of editing before a proofreader. I have had many clients approach me thinking they were looking for copy editing when they really weren’t. Copy editing includes checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation, with minimal attention to any larger issues. It does not include any sort of rewording sentences for style or flow. Copy editing starts at 1 cent per word.

A Note on Pricing:

The first step of pricing is working with a sample of your manuscript, typically 1000 words. You will receive an individualized quote after we have a conversation about your editing needs and after I work with your sample.

With that being said, my rates usually fall within these ranges (all prices are in USD):

  • Manuscript Evaluations/Critiques: $400 for up to 100k words/$200 for every additional 100k words
  • Developmental Editing: $0.02-0.08/word
  • Line Editing: $0.015-0.04/word
  • Copy Editing: $0.01-0.02/word

do work out payment plans, and I do occasionally offer discounts in exchange for services, such as graphic design services, beta reading, marketing, etc. If you have a suggested trade, please email me at sarah.grace@threefatesediting.com for consideration.

I also occasionally work with indie authors at a heavily discounted rate in exchange for a percentage of ongoing royalties. I will not usually make this arrangement with first-time clients. This arrangement depends on the quality of your manuscript. I must love it. I must think it will succeed.

Most authors will need to run their manuscript through all levels of editing. You do not need pay for these each individually. Just let me know, and I will give you a combined quote.

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